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Why professional trash bin cleaning is needed

Problems with DIY Bin Cleaning

Most cities and solid waste companies do not offer this curbside service and do not take on the responsibility of washing and maintaining your trash bins. Residents are held responsible for cleaning and maintaining their own. It has become a serious problem for water misuse and chemical misuse by residents in order to DIY clean and cover up the foul odors coming from their bins. Water consumption is more than 20 – 30 times greater when done manually rather than using a professional high-pressure eco wash system.

Space Coast Eco Wash: The Smart Solution

Space Coast Eco Wash will use 25 times less water and help reduce or eliminate potentially millions of gallons of toxic water from flowing into the storm drains that may harm the water sources. With our self contained system there are no harsh chemicals entering the storm drains. We have commercial grade, self contained trash bin eco wash cleaning trucks. We are proud to bring this technology to our communities!

Space Coast Eco Wash services are easy and convenient

Our truck comes around on your regular trash collection day and all you have to do is leave your trash and recycling bins outside that day. We will have them all clean; sanitized and deodorized for you by that evening. All you need to do is roll your freshly cleaned bins back to your home without needing a hazmat suit!

Commercial: “Bin There. Done That.”

Another essential service we now offer that separates us from our competitors is our new commercial dumpster eco wash system. It allows us to wash 10,8,6,4 and 2 cubic yard dumpsters! We have the most efficient dumpster cleaning systems on the market.

Our dumpster eco wash system is fully automated, assuring your dumpsters are cleaned properly. While others take potentially hours having to physically jump inside these dumpsters and manually scrub and spray them out.

Our trucks handle the dirty work for us within minutes! Our technicians will keep your bins and dumpsters clean and sanitized with our fast and effective Solid Waste Eco Wash System. So, sit back, relax and let us do the dirty work!

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