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Space Coast Eco Wash Packages for Businesses

First impressions are everything. The more successful trash bin cleaning companies there are, the faster this will become the next normal thing in the solid waste industry.Today we have the capability to wash dumpsters of all sizes using the most efficient technology within minutes on site. This helps you save money and time! We are also able to accommodate the 96 gallon bins as well on this same Eco Wash System!

Our 2–1 Commercial Hybrid Eco Wash System is the most efficient dumpster cleaning system on the market today. Our dumpster eco wash system is fully automated and with 200° high pressure hot water blasting inside your dumpsters, we’re ensuring your dumpsters are cleaned properly.

commercial trash bin cleaning

Commercial Dumpster Packages

For Commercial Dumpsters of 10, 8, 6 or 4,2 Cubic yards

Monthly Wash Package

1 Dumpster starting at $99/month
(1 Dumpster, Once every other month, 6 washes per year)
Most Popular!

Quarterly Wash Package

1 Dumpster starting at $100/month
(1 Dumpster, Once every 3 months, 4 washes per year)

One Time Wash Package

1 Dumpster = $160.00
(1 Dumpster, 1 wash per year)

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