About Us

About Space Coast Eco Wash

Space Coast Eco Wash is dedicated to helping the cleanliness of our environment in our neighborhoods, communities and city. Our vision is to create jobs for our cities and help save water and reduce, if not eliminate, the land and water pollution created by those having to DIY clean their own trash bins.

Helping our families, friends, neighbors and communities live in a clean and safe environment. Cleaning one dirty trash bin at a time!

-Carmelia & Jay Byers, Owners, Space Coast Eco Wash

Our Vision

Environmentally Friendly

Helping to create a cleaner and safer environment for our neighborhoods, communities and cities!

Creating Jobs

Our industry will potentially create hundreds if not thousands of new jobs throughout North America!

Cities & Solid Waste Companies

Our goal is to procure contract business working with the cities and private solid waste companies!

Water Conscious

We can help save potentially millions of gallons of toxic water every month from flowing into our storm drains.

For more details call: 321.317.8711 or email [email protected]